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Haikyuu!! season 1 ended…

I’m looking forward to

  • manga chapter 223
  • haikyuu!! merchandises nendoroids, keychains, etc
  • english license of the manga so I can buy
  • english license of the anime so i can buy
  • season 2 cuz it’s not over yet!
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Haikyuu!! sketches by an animator called Nishin.

I normally don’t post unofficial art from personal twitter accounts anymore but since Nishin made it clear that they joined twitter only for the duration of the anime, I decided to make this now deleted account an exception.

This is most of what I managed to save once I realised Nishin deletes old pics and replaces them with compilations every now and then.


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Cause of Death: Kageyama Tobio’s smile~


Cause of Death: Kageyama Tobio’s smile~

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H: We’re definitely going to win it next time

K: Yeah

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"All of our practices, experiences, and strategies are being broken by force. Well, I guess the actual path to victory doesn’t really matter. The one that lets the ball fall on the court loses. That’s everything."

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The only ones who’ll remain on the court… are the strong.

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Haikyuu!! - Episode 25


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   A tall, tall wall looms in front of me. Beyond that is something that I'd never be able to see on my own. That's...The view from the top! 
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as long as we’re together, we’ll be invincible.

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